Magic Lantern Temperance Show

At last! Our Magic Lantern Temperance Show is fully realised! As well as amassing over 50 topical slides we have now also written an entire supporting script of considerable wit and pathos…
Throughout the Lantern is operated by Mr A (himself a recovered Fiend) while Miss Rouse delivers a stirring verbal accompaniment!

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NEW!!! – The Amazing Travelling Camera Obscura:

Now available for both outside on grass and suitable hard-standing events: Come and see us and enjoy the Camera Obscura experience!  For further details of the Obscura and other optical entertainments please click the Eye Magic! link to see our full presentation under our Demonstrations section. If you continue in Demonstrations you will see examples of craft interpretations: Some occupations like Cordwainer and Paternosterer are more period specific to the earlier end of our range, while others do cover a much broader period.  Within each section text and pictures on the page also roughly follow in chronological order. Together with my partner I show many aspects of Wax Chandlery from straining and dipping to uses in polishes, cosmetics and preservatives (though not yet the practical aspects of embalming…) We offer a safe child-friendly sealing wax activity, focused for each period offered, that provides a take away souvenir. We also demonstrate all sorts of Games: counting systems, gambling, puzzles and games of skill – or simple amusement – across all of our periods by using replica and real boards, tokens and pieces.  There is always the opportunity for hands-on participation by both children and adults – as well as some games and toy making workshops. Our latest presentation Eye Magic! offers an opportunity to join us for an interactive experience of pre-cinema optical implements and kinetic toys, illusions and moving pictures: We have a huge range of original and re-created instruments – from camera obscura via zograscope to stereoscope – spanning Renaissance to 20th century (and also offer workshop activities) We are happy to offer any of our presentations tailored for Corporate Entertainment clients but have specifically featured several of our most recent activities on this new page. The traditional tales I tell come  principally from Northern Europe (especially in the earlier periods) and are always told in modern voice: I particularly enjoy tying my Storytelling to a venue by researching and developing local legends and happenings or focusing on particular pieces from a museum collection or property. Presentations can also be specially themed, perhaps to the season; tailored to special interest groups, whether by occupation or gender – and made suitable for all ages. In later periods, as well as the fictional and fantastical, I also give several presentations based on real lives and circumstances – and sensational reports of the day! Please click on the Storytelling bar on the right to see a selection of sample presentations arranged in chronological order.   The Timespan bar will take you to my curriculum linked Medieval/early Tudor project for schools (This is currently designed primarily for Key Stage 2 students)   The FAQs bar directs you to matters of tentage, insurance, fees and costs, references and accreditation.  Hopefully many basic logistics queries are answered here. I  am continually making additions – whether by posting new photographs, detailing extensions to existing packages or offering whole new presentations. I do hope you enjoy the site and will visit again.