Corporate Entertainment

We are able to offer both general entertainments and to discuss particular themes suitable for your venue as well as to focus specifically for your client group.

So as to provide inspiration here are just a few of the recent activities that we have offered:

Dressed in late 18th century costume we presented A Georgian Evening at a formal dinner for a legal client at premises close to the site of the Fleet Prison in London. The primary object was to encourage guests, who had not necessarily met before, to talk together and interact while making (educated) guesses at the use of a Georgian artefact placed at the centre of their table. Between courses further physical and verbal clues were given; over coffee all the period items were identified and guests afterward had the opportunity to handle and investigate these.
The evening was bookended with brief talks on 18th century debt, imprisonment, legal issues – and hugely juicy scandal…

Similarly, a more structured competitive team-based Mystery Objects Quiz has been offered, showing a range of real and replica items from across a broad historical spectrum. Teams attempt not only to record the function of each object but also need to identify the historical period to which it belongs before having artefacts rotated onward to the next team. Once all the items have been seen points are calculated and the truth is disclosed!

This quiz event – possibly ticketed? – is suitable for a wide range of special interest groups and historical societies as well as for general corporate clients.

Georgian Evening items

Mystery Quiz items

We supply all necessary paperwork, etc., and are happy to make a small additional historically based prize to accompany the client’s chosen award.

We have a comprehensive collection of Games & Gambling equipment spanning high Medieval to WWII: We have games boards from Taafel to Aerial Attack; dice, teetotums and period gaming chips; Bagatelles and Shove ha’penny boards; cards and cribbage; puzzles and a fortune telling wheel – and you could even meet The Captain’s Mistress…

This does usually work most effectively as a period specific presentation tailored to a venue or event. While we work across our whole historic range this is especially enjoyable as a between course and/or after dinner activity to accompany Medieval Banquets.

We have also designed a Victorian evening for adults with the dual theme of ‘Decent & Profane’ that offers players the opportunity to play and contrast worthy and respectable period games with those of a rather seamier nature…

Our Edwardian presentation can include topical board games such as ‘Suffragettes In & Out of Prison’, ‘PankAsquith’ and the card game ‘Panko’ to focus on the issue of Women’s Suffrage. This is an especially popular theme for all female groups.

For Team Days where outdoor space is available we have an extensive range of lawn games including ground billiards, croquet, skittles, marbles, quoits – and more!

While we most frequently work in accurate historical costume – periods covered being from 15th to 20th century – for indoor events we are equally happy to wear modern formal evening dress as required.

Our fees for activities will depend on the level of research, design and specialisation that we need to apply. We are happy to give a formal quote for your event once we assess your requirements.