Clothes Maketh the Woman

A two handed performance exploring a late medieval middle-class woman’s dress, finery and daily habits…

It is 1477 (the exact season dependent on the engagement date) and Dona is got up for the day: Florens – a somewhat recalcitrant and disrespectful servant – assists her mistress to rise from slumber, prepare and dress to greet the morning.

The lady, sadly, tends to vulgarity and ill temper (She is the much younger trophy wife of a rich elderly merchant – life can be difficult…)

A set can be decorated and well dressed with hangings, furnishings and all the necessities of a prosperous life. As well as the layers of apparel, everyday personal items and utensils from glassware to devotional necessities are shown and explained. For smaller groups, especially, there is the opportunity to handle and explore museum quality replicas – even original pieces.

There is always the opportunity for an unscripted question and answer session to finish.

This animated talk is suitable for most types of groups: While first performed for the Women’s Institute Craft Sub Committees’ Conference on stage in a large auditorium setting – and for an all female audience – we have equally performed for a small mixed special interest society in the Hall at Tutbury Castle.

Clothes maketh the woman

Clothe maketh the woman