Timespan for Schools

This is my major late Medieval/early Tudor interpretation project for schools ( I am, however, also happy to offer any other of my themed presentations or demonstrations tailored to fit curriculum requirements)


I specialize in interpreting everyday life and custom of the late mediaeval/early modern era, covering the Tudor period up to and including the Dissolution, that is 1485 – 1540.

Additionally there are my ‘youthful memories’ of the years of the Wars of the Roses to draw on as a useful link to the concept of the continuity of history: An opportunity to explore conventional ideas of progress or the supposedly primitive is offered; students can be encouraged to consider change and diversity or to look at ‘20 and 40 years ago’ both as a general timeline and in the more accessible terms of their own parents’ and grandparents’ lives.

I also, fortunately, have a small gift of foresight to some slightly later events…

Costumed presentation:

I dress from top to toe as a respectable working woman of the early 16th century. I will arrive ready in costume and complete with my period luggage to start the day by talking about my mode of dress, life and times.

A question and answer session can be useful and enjoyable to break the ice – and to show that I have a sense of humour.


It will be beneficial to have some background information regarding the class(es) I am going to be working with:

I can best plan material for you if I know which topics have already been studied or those that will immediately follow my visit. In order to organize presentation and activities I will also need to understand the timetable pattern of your students’ school day, especially the duration of work periods and frequency/length of breaks, assemblies, etc

To work as inclusively as possible it may also be helpful for me to be aware of the numbers of pupils who speak English as a second language, have particular special needs, or even of unusual gender balance within a class.

I would prefer to liaise and make preparations with one named member of staff who will continue to be involved during my visit.


I have selected topic modules with particular suitability for Key Stage 2 pupils with presentation and activities accessible for mixed ability groups.

I am also happy to either broaden material for younger children or to develop subjects more fully and offer project work for older students.