Parameters and presentation

Wood cutNumbers need to be limited to one class of about 30 – 40 students that can be divided into no more than eight groups of 5-6 in order to offer a properly interactive session. (It would, of course, be possible to duplicate the same material morning and afternoon to cover two classes more briefly in one day or otherwise to return on another date in order to work with separate groups in more depth)

A class teacher should be available in attendance throughout my visit; at least one classroom assistant and/or an additional parent helper per 30 students would be most useful.
I aim to make the session/day as varied as I can to maintain the concentration and the range of interests of children of all abilities: I use show and tell, handling sessions and bring accessories to be tried on; I offer activities and exercises suitable for a small group to enjoy and complete by working together in a team.

I try to plan, wherever possible, that there will be a piece of project work finished within the day for the class – or even children individually – to retain.

Students are encouraged to relate to and use their own knowledge and experiences when considering the world and lives of our predecessors.

I am happy to work alongside other recommended professional interpreters to provide an even broader programme of activities for you.

In almost every case a live interpretation visit offers far better value than an outside trip both in cost (even where compared to coach hire charges alone) and more importantly in the quality of experience to the children. The immediate opportunity to touch, explore and wear historical replica articles – and possibly make their own – provides a long remembered learning tool. There is always plenty of time to answer individual questions and to follow the flow of particular interests without the need to rush back to the bus!

My general scale of fees and expenses, as detailed in my FAQs section, applies for schools visits. I would particularly ask schools to also see the notes there regarding CRB clearances.